René Guénon
‘Abd al-Wahid Yahya
         By the words of highly qualified muslims sages, the work of René Guénon, because of its central main doctrine, that of the unicity of the Being (Wahdat al Wujûd), and the realities and exigencies that it demands, must be considered not just beyond any literary scope, but also adorned by the same qualities that belong to an authentic Sheikh, versed in the essential knowledge of ma’ârif wa ma`ânî.
That is to say, primarily, as a theoric operation of the Tawhîd (Unicity)from which, because of the  truth of what is said, the truthfulness of who says it and the efficiency of the method applied, is given off an influence that can produce, by a “concordant action”, some “ressonances” in those predisposed spirits, that should immediately assume the personal responsibilities of the eventual posterior requirements.

         It isn’t a fortuitous association, because the realization of this work implies not just previous knowledge (oral and other order transmissions)and a solemn commitment (`aqd), but also summarizes precisely the dignities and qualities of the elder, guide, wise and gnostic (Sheykh, imâm, ‘âlim y ‘ârif), qualities that have a perfect equivalence with the four grades and the Traditional modes of the Tawhîd in the islamic traditions (afirmation, shariyah, doctrine, tarîqah and realization, haqîqah); adding the rigorous distinction that must me made between “sufism” and taçawuff, as we will see further in our comments. 

          Other possible association, applying the isâra method (spiritual or anagogic meaning), taken off from the well-known Islamic name of René Guénon:  ‘Abd al- Wâhid Yahya (Servant of the Unique) in perfect accordance with all the statements of the previous paragraph.  Mentioning just one of the aspects of the patronymic composite, its central term (al-Wahid), we can see that it is a derivation in the qualitative mode of action (wahhada) that comprises the meaning of “making unique” or “affirmation of the divine Oneness”, don’t matter its effusions (after all, it deals with its essence), is elevated as the first of the functions of any authentic mutaçawuff.  

           Also,  in which it follows, in addition to some considerations related and as the main issue of our commentary, we will summarize briefly some of the meanings of the Shâdhiliyyah approach that, among many inexhaustible aspects, represent the method (tarîqah) and the spiritual affiliation followed by René Guénon
on the muhammadian path.
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